Thursday, January 20, 2011

The end of our PINK week

 Peter is on the move- his latest thing is to take piles of things and move them from one place to another... The train pieces started on the futon in a pile that you can see and were moved to the frog...

to the basket which got carried into another room... 

to their final destination to be driven around. Right now, he is sitting with his bus, emptying it out and hooking up all of the train cars together. He has a purpose and a plan with everyhting that he does and carries it out!
  Emelia is getting stronger and is starting to look around more and more on her tummy. She loves to watch Petey play and was smiling at him yesterday as he showed her all of his toys.
 We also had to get a new swing as our old one bit the dust- maybe from an almost 2 year old crawling in it? I guess I"ll never know but that's my best guess! Anyways, it is lots nicer than our old one and emi just loves swinging and hangs out there while I work and keeps an eye on me and everyone else!

Our little stringbean in her new soft swing.
Oh and as you can tell I did work hard this week to keep her in pink. I think that the little hat and sleeper is one of my favorites and the moccasins were $1 at Target this week. I just could not pass them up!

And since I've finished this- the train has moved from the floor by me, to the coffee table and is now back to the futon where we started the game. :)

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Robyn said...

The yellow sweatpants! Yay! Emi is adorable in that pink sleeper and I love the moccasins. Thanks for the great pictures!