Wednesday, June 6, 2012

North Shore

 Over Memorial Day we took out annual trip to the north shore. We left a little earlier than usual to be able to hang out  in Duluth a little before driving the rest of the way up to the Temperence River. We walked past the lift bridge (which according to Pete goes up up up) and out to the light house. The walls were too high for the kids to see over, so they would peek in every drain hole along the way.

 This is exactly what each kid would have done the entire time we were there- Pete crawling on the biggest highest rocks driving his trucks and Emi walking on all of them with a little help.

 We spent one rainy and tired morning in Grand Marais.
 But here is proof that we had a beautiful day! The sun was out and we got to go for a nice hike. We didn't make it to the top of Mt. Carlton this year- the kids were just at too wierd of an age to take them on that long of a hike but we had a lot of fun along the way. Pete started to ask "is he nice?" about every person that we passed along the way.


Barb said...

Wow. This looks like a great trip. I miss the north shore and Grand Marais and Quetico and the BWCA and I would LOVE to do a trip like this with my kids. Probably not in the cards for a while since I'm outnumbered and they're at that awkward age. I love seeing your pictures and being reminded of places I love and want to share with my children. Looks like an awesome trip!

vivida said...

Love the picutres of the kids' butts. :D