Monday, June 11, 2012

Berries Everywhere!

 We went strawberry picking with Shana, Julia and Claire last week. This  year was much more successful than last year! The kids all stayed close by, no one cried and there weren't any rotten berries all over the place for Pete to eat.
 We picked our 9 pounds of berries and I'm proud to say that we didn't make jelly or freeze them- we have just been trucking through eating them like it is our JOB. We have had people over to help us out but they have been delicious!! Maybe next year we will pick enough to make jam for a year like we did before our wedding.
 Don't let Peter fool you- he wasn't picking to put them in the bucket- they were all going in his mouth.
 He was So proud of this big one!
Herding Emi back to the group

Not too sure what he was doing here.. maybe Shana can give an insight to what he was thinking?


Barb said...

Fantastic. We drive by The Berry Patch twice a day every day but I've been too lazy to bring the kids there to pick. I guess I have visions of having to chase whining children. Maybe we'll try it this year. Great pictures! Looks like a really fun trip!

vivida said...

Kids and cute!

Unknown said...

Yes, Peter was using the dandelions as his train whistle and smoke stack! Very creative! And it helped him slow down on eating berries :-)