Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer= Farmer's Park

 Summertime doesn't officially start until Grandpa Dad and Grandma Vivi have made a trip up to Winona to go to Farmer's park with us for the day. We brought nets to see what we could catch, played in the water,  on the swings and ran and ran!
 Peter loves to cross the stream on all of the rock bridges there!

 Look at the fish we caught!!
 I have been sewing a lot for Emelia lately. This was one of the more successful dresses that I attempted- She has another that is gray with posies on it too- everything that I sewed was made double- I figured that one would turn out great and one might have a few mistakes...


vivida said...

I LOVE the picture of Pete and G-pa! Emi's dress was made even prettier because she is such a sweet model. Fun day.

Barb said...

Great pictures! Looks like a fun day. Farmers park is always fun when we make the trip out there, and it looks like your kids love it as much as mine do.