Friday, August 17, 2012

Camping and Racing

 We went camping this past weekend at Willow River State Park which was a little ways outside of Hudson. It was perfect camping weather- cool nights and  warm sunny days! The only downside of the camp ground was that the beach was really scummy- especially for kids that drink lake water like it is chocolate milk!! But we played and played and played in teh dirt at the site, went on some nice hikes and also the park had nice playgrounds all over.
 There was a big hill off of our site that Emelia loved scoooting down and getting caught.She was my early bird this time and would wake up ready to play at 6 or 6:30 each day- she usually sleeps til 8 at home- so we would go off on a long slow walk each morning in our jammies. I think she walked 2 miles on our second day's walk!
 We also went out for ice cream one night. We all had our own execpt Emelia who just walked around the circle getting her share of everyone's icecream! I wish I had gotten a movie of it- it was adorable! She definitely lived up to her nickname!!

 We were up there becuase Garrick was doing a race on Sunday. The series that he is doing also has a kiddie race that we asked Pete if he wanted to try. He was all about it until we got there and got his number (3- they let him pick) and then he was a little nervous. But when he saw all of the other kids lined up he was all about it and had big smiles. He plugged along behind all of the kids and had lots of fun. Of course the best part was getting his medal at the end.

Garrick won the single speed division which was awesome as well. When he came home and showed Peter his medal all Peter had to say was "Why aren't you wearing it?" since he still had his on hours later!!

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Barb said...

This is fantastic. All of it. The camping and the Willow Creek State Park (love that park for cross-country skiing... during years when we actually have snow) and the race and the medals. What a great weekend. What a great story. What a great family. You inspire.