Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our trip to Plainview

 We walk to the hardware store around the corner weekly to watch the trains. One night we were walking there and I warned Pete that it might be closed since it was after 6 on a Friday night. He didn't care since we'd go to the river afterwards to bike anyhow. The store was open and we ran in to only see that the train set was gone! The guys told us that they had brought it up to the train show about 40 minutes away and that we should go. So the next morning we went for a run, played at the park and got donuts at HyVee. Then we headed out of town up to Plainview.
 The phrase of the day was "mom, pick me up!!" most of the time Pete was too short to see what was going on up on the tables- except at this one- This guy didn't have buildings or grass or anything but a big train and track but that was all we needed. Until...
 He brought Pete back to the controls and let him blow the whistles, stop the trains and showed him how to make the engines go backwards. He also showed Pete another engine that he had which wasn't running at the moment and Peter told him that it looked like Hank the Tank which we saw last summer and have since read the book 1,022 (and counting) times.

 When we left the train show there was a tractor parade going down the road. Emi had lots of fun waving at them all! We then had lunch in the park and headed home for naps!

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vivida said...

Love the pictures! Your kids are so darn cute! I bet the train guy could tell Pete was a kindred spirit.