Sunday, August 4, 2013

Herbster, WI

We took  a quick three day trip to Herbster where we camped ON the shore of Lake Superior, played on our little private beach, Garrick and I went canoeing on the Brule River, kayaked on the lake and went to the train museum in Duluth.

 There was a park around the corner from our campsite where the kids had a lot of fun. Herbster was a tiny town that had a gas station and a restaurant that served breakfast, pizza for dinner and then was also a bar... the land for the campground was right on the lake- so close that you could throw a rock from your tent to the lake- and so it was perfect for the kids to go down and play in the sand and waves.

 Sitting each night and "watching the sun go to the other side of the earth"
We went to Duluth and checked out the train depot- Emi and Peter both liked going in all of the trains and seeing them.  The coming weekend was "A Day Out with Thomas" where Thomas the Train was going to be there giving rides. We were outside watching trains come and go and who drove by? THOMAS! Peter couldn't believe his eyes at how lucky he was to see him there working that day! He kept saying, I didn't know Thomas was going to be here!


vivida said...

Herbster....ahhhh. nothing more to be said.

Barb said...

Oh this looks like a great way to spend a weekend. And that trip down the Brule without kids sounds heavenly. Saw the picture on facebook. You two are so cute. Glad you're making time for yourselves. Love the pictures from this trip. I can almost feel the cool night air and the quiet after the kids are asleep.