Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Peter's Garden

We have been working hard in the garden this year. Peter helped me plant most of it in the spring and picked out the things he would like in it. He picked tomatoes, green beans, peas, pickles and sunflowers. And then I made a few additions to his choices- and we had to remember that we make pickles- not grow them...

He has been a big help in the garden this year- running out to pick tomatoes whenever I ask. He always grabs a basket and then takes off. I just have to remember to go out once in a while and pick the back sides of the plants.

We also are in a friendly yearly competition with grandpa dan. I'm pretty sure that for the first time in a LONG time-- that we have won! Must have been my good help.



vivida said...

I bet even Grandpa D will give Pete "the win".

Barb said...

Awesome! Aren't gardens and kids made to go together? My children love our garden and it's so much fun to watch them discover and learn and enjoy it all. Love the photos with the sunflowers.