Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Babies and Planes

I took Lainey on her first plane ride to visit Kimberly and her new baby, Quinn this weekend. She was amazing on the plane, amazing at Kim's house and not so amazing the first time she saw the BABY getting a bottle. I would say she officially had her first TANTRUM! Crying, head back, roling on the floor. She LOVES bottles- I guess that is all that we can say about that...

We realized that each of the kid's first plane trips involved a trip to see Kimberly in some way.

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Grinch 1 and Grinch 2

Airport fun before the plane arrived

It was a great visit- time outside in the sun, time with good friends and time alone with Lainey. This trip made me feel that a trip alone with each kid, once a year, on a rotating basis, would be a fun thing to do- maybe not across the country- but a day or two to spend time and reconnect- something I would like to try and do.

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vivida said...

Delightful smiles from all!