Saturday, December 28, 2013

Science Museum

We headed out to the Science Museum for a morning when we were visiting Greg and Linka for Christmas. I knew that Peter was getting to the age that he would love it, and that Emi would probably like running around. That was a good guess.
 Peter is semi-interested in dinosaurs-- so he liked seeing the skeletons and knew what types about half of them were. He also liked seeing the different sizes that they were.

 Emelia like anything that made noise or that should could play with and the musical steps. I think she may have thought that WAS the museum...  And of course, she asked a lot of questions- what is it? Why is the light there? All sorts of things. There was also a tow for a barge on the roof that both kids like driving and pretending that they were driving to our house in Winona.
 At this point, I think they both enjoy the Children's museum a little more but this was a fun new place to explore with our museum pass! I would also like to try out the History Center up there, but I'm not sure if our pass includes it or not?

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