Monday, December 2, 2013

Three things about Emi

Since just turned three, I want share three things that stand out to me about her at this point.
1. She loves to be your buddy. She wants to go anywhere that anyone is going and offers all sorts of advice and suggestions while out and about. She tells jokes and laughs at your jokes. Emelia helps in so many ways with her sister and spends lots of time laying on the floor with her. She can make her laugh better than any of the rest of us can.
 2. Reading. She would read all day on her own and with you. She will walk away from the TV or playing together to find a book to read. She loves new stacks of books from the library and will spend an hour sitting with Peter looking through them together.
 3. She is becoming brave and is still independent. This works out better than being independent and nervous. She tries new things and after she is successful is so proud of herself! Things still need to be on her terms and her own idea... no chance of planting ideas in her head yet!
 (And she still loves that cat)

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