Monday, May 19, 2014

Mama's Day

This year we took some time to go hiking at Great River Bluff State Park with the kids and then went with a lunch to a new park - to us- in Homer. Peter especially loved the hiking and kept asking if we could go sliding all of the way down the bluff into the river. He also loved looking down on the river valley and seeing the barges and trains running on the tracks. He said it looked just like a model railroad.

Lainey had the best time at the park playing. There was a small slide that she must have gone up and down 20 times on her own, usually head first.

Homer park. from garrick holey on Vimeo.

After dinner, we took a bike ride around town, went to see how high the river was and Peter rode in and out of the water for a while and then we came home and made brownies before bed time.

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