Friday, May 30, 2014

North Shore- 2014

We took our annual camping trip to the North Shore with Garrick's family and had the most perfect weather ever! We spent hours at the lake shore, Emi and I must have thrown in about 1000 rocks. When she missed the lake or it didn't go where she wanted, she said "try again, oops" in the most calm voice I have ever heard from her!

 We also took the kids for the first time to Lutsen to do the alpine slide. We weren't sure what Emi would think of it, but she loved it, screamed the whole way down the mountain and giggled. Peter actually took control of the slide and did the lever the whole way down. We actually came into the bottom too fast one time and crashed over the edge of the ramp. He still said it was fun.

 We also went for some short hikes, to the local school to play on their amazing playground and had lots of campfires. Peter's favorite parts had to have been either playing in the hammock OR our night hike where a fisherman showed us the whitefish that he had caught.

One time that we walked to the bathroom, Peter started to go into the first potty, and then stopped himself and said- No mom, you can have that one, I like the other one better- it has an owl picture in it. And sure enough- there was a poster of a great gray owl on the wall!

There is also a natural spring down by the bathrooms that Linka LOVES to drink out of and that the kids would stop to take a big gulp from each time we walked by, Emi straddled the fountain (instead of leaning into it from the side) and WOOP, slipped and landed right under the stream of water! Poor girl. She came back and seriously told me, "I feeeel in under the water".

And Lainey. Well she wandered around the campsite, ate a lot of food and was the best baby camper that we could have asked for!

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Barb said...

This annual trip always looks so fun. You're such an amazing and inspirational mother. LOVE the picture of Emi on the slide. You can't argue that she didn't enjoy that. What a fun family trip!