Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Rock

At Saint Mary's there is a large rock outcropping up on top of the bluff that students climb up to and it is known as 'The Rock.'  In normal circumstances it is a little tricky to get up there, it is straight up, lots of roots to climb over and a very steep narrow path to follow. When we decided to go, I'm not sure what we were thinking!
Peter was so excited to go up- he took off running right out of the car. We saw some friends at the bottom of the sledding hill and stopped to talk, when we were done, he was already at the top of the hill! Emi worked really hard to climb as well and made it quite a way on her own and then when it was steep Garrick put her up on his shoulders.                                           

We sat everyone down in the middle of the rock, told them not to move at all, took a picture and then got down! I was more than a little nervous that I was going to lose someone over the edge. Of course, on the way back down, Peter was also a mile ahead of me. We joke frequently about when the kids are going to start beating us at running, biking, skiing... etc... but I have a feeling that the day is closer that I might think. It has become a lot of fun to share these special places with the kids this spring!

Emi running down the sledding hill. So green and lush!

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Barb said...

Wow. You're amazing. I have to work so hard to calm parental fear, and you are truly inspirational. I think I'll have a hard time watching my kids on this rock even when they're 18. Awesome and inspirational!