Saturday, June 7, 2014

Trinona- Kids. Year 2.

Peter competed with his friend Finn in Trinona for the second year.

When we were talking about if he was going to do it, he asked about what it means to race and if he would be allowed to pass people. When I said of course- he told me that he was going to pass them two at a time on the bike and then one at a time while running.

He did a great job of swimming in the pool. Last year, he didn't start until 30 seconds after they said go, but this year, he started to paddle and kick right off the bat. He swam the whole time and didn't use the lane lines for any help. When he started to bike, he put his head down, elbows out and peddaled as fast as he could. The part that I was the most surprised at was the run. He actually passed another kid running in front of him, and when the kid passed him back, Peter kept working hard and caught up to him again. The other kid did outsprint him to the finish line, but he did a great job of working hard from start to finish.

Peter said he had a great time- especially while biking- and I think that his smile speaks for itself.

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Barb said...

Such a great event. So good to see you there and to see our kids having so much fun. We'll definitely be back. I love that we'll be able to see how much they've changed from year to year. I love that last picture!