Monday, June 16, 2014

Sweet sweater for a sweet babe

It is no secret that I have been knitting cardigans for Lainey like the next ice age is on its way. My favorite one that I have made for her (twice) is Granny's Favorite.I have big plans for this fall's sweater wardrobe, she will not be cold!

The first time I knit it I used Capra from Knit Picks which is a cashmere blend and it felt AMAZING on her. But it did pill quite a bit and that was disappointing. I knew the next time I made it I would use something sturdier especially because of the amount of wear that it would get. I picked a cotton wool blend, Solstice, that I thought would be lighter weight for summer


vivida said...

Based on last winter's temps, it's prolly a good idea. Besides she's stinkin' cute in them.

vivida said...

also, she has grown so much since she fit into the tan sweater!