Monday, July 27, 2009

A baby in a box

We've been gone for a long time!
We went on our second plane trip of the summer to Colorado to camp. Yes, we fly to camp- we just bring the bare minimum, buy a styrofoam cooler, food and stuff when we get there and save TONS of time driving across Nebraska or even worse: SOUTH DAKOTA. (Last year Garrick and I drove out and I made him drive us home through South Dakota becuase I wanted to see the sights... Wall Drug was the highlight of the trip)

Once we got to Denver, a very special surprise was waiting there: KIM PIEHL. Well it wasn't a surprise, but it was still so great that she came camping with us! I wish I had a picture of her iwth her backpack- it was bigger than she was. She actually carried ON the plane all of her stuff that she needed- we were all impressed.
The car ride was a little crowded, we had a Nissan SUV, we really needed a UHAUL. He we are all jammed in like sardines. Pete had the most space of everyone- Mom was a trooper in the back...

The first order of business was to make Pete's bed. We got a cherry box at the grocery store for him to sleep in since he is rolling like a little Turkey Sausage end over end.

He loved it!!

Then we spend a lot of time hiking on the beautiful trails in Rocky MOuntain National Park.

Here is Garrick after he won the "How long can you keep your feet in the glacier run off?" competition.

Lunch at Black Lake. The last time I was up there it was 50* and raining and mosquitoy. I didn't really want to go back, but it was a good length hike for Pete and us (9 miles) with lots of good places to stop so Pete could eat and Garrick and Dad would fish. (They caught 5 fish total on the trip!) It was the nicest hike of the trip- besides Long's Peak- We sat at a place that we could see 10+ waterfalls, glaciers, trees and peaks to eat lunch with no one around and the warm sun shining on us. What a great day.

While we all liked the hikes the best, Peter's best thing was scooting around on the sleeping bags. He loved how slippery and soft they were and would lay down and pull it over his face. He was such a stud, our neighbors all looked nervous about a little baby sleeping with two pieces of nylon between him and them, but I think he was as tired as we all were!

Stay tuned to hear about our trip up Long's Peak!!!

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Missy said...

I love that you had his sleep in an old cherry box. Hilarious!!