Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We didn't think ahead far enough to take before pictures of the house, but here are how the floors turned out! It was a lot of work- this was BY FAR the biggest area (two times!) that we had ever tried to do, but we are getting better and doing it. We have learned not to use wood stripper, but to use a paint scraper on all of the edges (my job), how to use the edge sander better- glue the sand paper on (Dan's job), and to go diagonally longer with the first grit of sandpaper (Garrick's job). Don't they look amazing? We said our upstairs USED to be great, but now they also need to be done...

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vivida said...

WOW is right! :) The sander was so loud, it shook the house; glad to see the walls are still standing.