Wednesday, July 1, 2009

California- here we come!

Golden Gate Bridge (way far off in the distance)

We went to California to visit Garrick's sister, Erika and her family. Pete did really well on the plane- not a peep out of him the whole time. It is funny- no one talks to you when you get on a plane with a baby, but when he is quiet and you get off, everyone is ready to be your friend!

Watching the fish at the aquarium.

Pete in a clam shell.

We were there for about 3 days- we went to the beach, saw the redwoods, traveled to Monterey to the aquarium and to visit Anne and Peter- Holey familly friends, and walked all over San Francisco- it is SO hilly there, some of the hills we walked up were 10 blocks long and it was straight up! Bobby grew up there so we had a great tour guide... :)

Pete with Alcatraz off in the distance.

Having lunch in the back of a Chinese bakery!

Reading books with the two boys- Benj likes to make alll of the animal noises- so much fun!!

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