Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pete and Erin's Vacation Part 2


We went to Madison to visit Jackson, Matt and Lara. Here is a picture of Jackson loving on his little cousin. Pete didn't have a chance against Jack! It was so cute.

Pete giving himself a bottle.

Peter also went to LaValle to help his Grand-dan with his fort that he is building. We installed the beautiful door that dad built from the start- cutting the trees down... I remember being there a "while" ago when we were cutting the sod to pour the foundation.

We also went to Milwaukee to see Kim when she was home... we went for a LONNNG run, we went to Discovery world, visited some friends and played with the little boy. THe day went so fast. We are waiting on pictures from this day. Pictures have arrived!
Kim and Pete looking in the mirrors-

Kim and Pete watching the fish swim around


vivida said...

there's my cute boyz!

vivida said...

I love the pic of Kim and Pete looking at the fish!