Monday, May 24, 2010

Concrete, Trucks and Tantrums

We poured our pad for the garden shed this weekend. We had some great friends come to help us out and got the job done pretty fast!

Petey liked watching the trucks and wheelbarrows all over the place!

And got to make his hand prints in the cement. (Payton did too, but we undid hers!)

Afterwards, we took a mountain bike ride, went to the playground and got ice cream with Grand-dan and Mooze. We are pretty sure that Peter's ice cream intake was bigger than Garrick's taking into account his size.

Garrick found a bunch of little boards and made a road/obstacle course for Pete to drive his trucks around in. As you can see it takes a lot of concentration!

We were at Target last night looking for porch furniture. We rolled past the ball pen and Pete of course saw it and started to say ball, ball. I of course said yeah, look at them all! As we continued our way down the aisle he started to look around me and was saying, mama, mama, mo-, mo- (more, more) ball, ball, mo-, mo-. Until we turned the corner and they were out of sight... but not out of mind- the tears started and Garrick and I felt like pretty much the meanest parents in the entire world- I mean- who denies their kid a ball? Peter did NOT get a new ball last night... Poor kid.

Finally, this morning I was in a meeting for school and Pete was just walking around playing and reading books by himself. All of the sudden I hear a sucking sound in the kitchen. I go to see what he's doing and he is here:

Sitting on the table sticking his hand in the cereal bowl drinking the milk out of it. All of our chairs are now against the wall away from the table.

I hope you are all staying cool this week! It is 9:00 and 86*... whew.


ani said...

Now I know just the right thing to bring with me to bond with Peter when I am in WI this summer! Soak up that lovely weather for me! We got an inch of snow in Salt Lake this morning. I'm not sure my tomatoes and basil made it through the night.

vivida said...