Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer is BACK

Garrick's sister and family were in town from California- the ones that we went to see last year- and so we voyaged up to his mom's house to get together with everyone. We played with toys, blew bubbles and ate  a lot of food. Peter had so much fun watch Ben and I think he learned a few tricks from him!

It has been 80* (up to 90 this weekend) so I'd say that after a few cold weeks summer is totally back! Kelly and I took the kids to the river to try splashing in the water- Finn was a little smarter than Pete and didn't want to get wet *cold* but Petey spent a lot of time splashing in the shallow water, watching the trucks on the highway bridge and playing in the sand.

Then to end the night we went out to what used to be called Smith Farms- it has a new name- with Lindsay, Chris and Oscar for homemade fire baked pizza. It is only about 20 minutes away from our house and is OH SO DELICIOUS. They only bake on Thursday nights so it is a little crazy there. The farm is also a CSA and they have chickens, cows, a few sheep and alpacas running around. Pete loved watching the animals and did many loops checking them out. The chickens were his fav though. Garrick saw me checking everything out and got the message... this is something that I could do and be very happy. My goal for this summer: To be a mini-CSA for some of our friends in Winona!! *You guys better get your requests in now!*

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