Sunday, May 16, 2010


We went out to WHitewater State Park for a hike yesterday since for the first time in over 2 weeks I had a day off!!! It was so nice and relaxing to just get some yard work done, go for a longer run and to spend time with my 3 favorite guys (Garrick, Petey and Scout)!
We ended our hike at Chimney Rock which is somewhere we don't get to go too often since it is "the destination" at Whitewater and it is so busy in the summer. But it is a big rock that the entire bottom is tunneled out. We spent some time playing in there!

Pete thought it was so funny to crawl around- and stand up!

It was just like mother's day a week late but I'll take it!


vivida said...

Pete looked like he had a great time! Just the right size space for a Munch. :)

ani said...

what fun pictures! - and what a fun-looking place! Why have I never been there before?