Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Things are growin' around here!

My little munch is starting to grow up so big! He is saying "more" "cat" "dog" "dada" "mama" and something that is a new sound that sounds like "chicken" and is pointing at everything- once in a while he will point out something that we ask him to show us. He climbs on everything, loves to open the oven door- we are working on stopping that-, gives kisses when he feels like it and loves to read books and play farm. (and NO I don't give him pop to drink- he just likes to carry around the cans from the back porch)

Speaking of the chickens- they are also growing so fast! I am glad we got them when they were so little- they are so cute though and are getting most of their feathers in which is nice so we don't have to worry about them at night anymore! Pete and I like to dig up worms in the garden and feed the chickens them out of our hands- the big black one in the front's name is Pepper- we haven't officially named any of the others yet- she is the troubbbble maker and the cheese.
Raspberries are growing, strawberries are growing, I have broccoli, beans and lettuce planted outside. I am just getting so excited for the summer to come and to spend Petey's nap times out there working!
These are some of the tomato plants that I have inside that are waiting for it to get really warm outside that I grew from a seed- I think that is just amazing still...

Most of the tulips are done growing, but the iris's and some other bulbs are starting! Later this week I am going out to a friend's farm to get a truck load of rocks to edge out the gardens- can't wait!
I guess that one last thing to mention to watch for growth is ME! We are going to have another little member of our family joining us in November which puts me at just over 13 weeks preggo! Since we already have a Peter Pan at our house, we are calling this little one Captain Hook. I am already starting to pop out a little bit- I know that with #2 you show a lot sooner so we'll have to see how that works out. I am feeling pretty good- just tired mostly- I'm done a pretty good job this time of running through the first trimester- last time I didn't do a good job at all- and have only had a couple of really bad days. I am still deciding about what/if any races that I am going to do for fun this summer and we are planning a couple of family/ Garrick&Erin trips too! Hope you are excited as we are about watching our little family grow!


Missy said...

Erin, you are amazing!! Scout, Pete, chickens, "farming", working and now a new baby (Huge congrats by the way!) You are my idol :)

Amy said...

I agree with Missy. You are amazing! How do you pack everything in and run and be pregnant?? Good for you guys! How exciting! Anytime you want to come and play and share your green thumb you are welcome! We are right by the Como Zoo where the kiddoes and us would have a blast!