Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Strawberry delivery

Over my birthday weekend, Garrick was up north doing the bike race that he does each year, so we of course went south to the beach.

We also went strawberry picking, which I thought it seemed late in the year to pick, but there were lots of berries ready to pick, and then picked out some chocolate covered strawberries to bring to GQ in her new home.
 Lainey was our main concern, but she managed just fine. She plopped her booty down in a row and found plenty of berries to eat, and eat and eat.
 The big kids worked  hard, picking as many for the basket as they ate themselves.
The girls, still eating.
 And then we had a nice visit with Grandma in her new home and shared our treats that we brought. Everyone had a good laugh over Lainey and her stained face and shirt!

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vivida said...

I'm surprised Lainey didn't have a tummy ache!