Friday, June 20, 2014

Bike Trail Day

Mondays have turned into Grandma and Grappa Days. There have been very few all summer that we haven't seen them and the plans seem to be that we will continue to see them for the rest of them!

We took one Monday to drive to Wilton and "camp out" there for the day. There is a nice city park that has a shelter, picnic tables, playground as well as a pool that are all within biking distance of the trail. So we met, had lunch, went biking on the trail to Tunnel #2, walked through the tunnel, climbed on the rocks and then biked downhill the whole way home.

Peter rode his pedal bike on his own and Emelia rode on the trail-a-bike for the first time for a long distance like that! We had tossed around the idea of staying overnight, but it ended up that there was a huge storm and tornado warnings... good thing we got out of there!

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vivida said...

It's always a good place to go; the Elroy Sparta trail is a treasure. Plus, it's all downhill going back!