Thursday, July 22, 2010

Camping in IOWA

This is what we thought about our big trip!!
Pete had a lot of fun exploring the campsite, the tent and the park! He was just the best little camper that we could have asked for.
Not quite the same as his famous cherry box picture... but still really really sweet! We were at the table playing cards while he was sleeping, or we thought he was... and we started to hear him singing to himself, mmm,,,hhhh,,,hhmmm,,mmmmm in the tent. It was so funny!! 
We climbed to the highest point in Iowa- not such a big feat, but we still had fun! Pete liked climbing on the rocks on the way back too.

All dried off after swimming- he loves this- getting wrapped up in a towel and snuggling for a minute- he always makes that little face too.

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