Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Madison to meet a special boy

Pete and I made a trip to Madison this week. 
We went to a fun park and played with Jackson going up and down the steps, down the slides and across the bridges. 

 We also went to lunch at Ella's Deli- this was Petey's reaction as soon as we sat down.
He was excited to see they also love bahk-balls
This is a view of the whole place. 
Jacks also liked to see everything moving and turning. They were wide-eyed the entire time that we were there. Mom said that we only went there a few times when I was a kid, but I remember each time really well and specific things about the times we were there. What a fun place!!

Oh yeah, there is a REAL reason that we were there too- not just to party with Jackson! I got to meet 4 day old baby Thomas- he is such a little sweetie, sleeping a lot, eating really well and even waking up a little to show his eyes to us. You gotta love those baby cheeks!! A BIG congratulations to Matt, Lara and big brother Jackson!!!!!!

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