Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where to next??

Last weekend there were a lot of rainy days in a row- combine that with a tired preggo and then a guy with a hand that can't do a lot... we came up with a few good plans though!! 

We went to Lark Toys in Wabasha and rode the carousel 

  It is so cool- every animal is different, there is a boar, unicorn *what Garrick is riding*, chicken, goldfish, you name it- someday Pete is really going to get how cool that part of the toy store is. 

 We met some friends- mike and julie there and played for a long time making funny faces.
 and Pete knew JUST what to do with the train set thanks to his training with Jackson and Captain. 

After a morning of rain and nasty weather, the sun came out and we went to Oscar's 1st birthday party!! They set up a kiddie sized one-year-old's dream waterpark in the backyard. It was the perfect day and they had the best time ever running around. Pete is disappointed that he has a winter birthday- we have already started to brainstorm about what we can do for his birthday. 

All of the boys got a cupcake with candles for their ages. I think that Oliver and Pete look like they could be brothers!!

 Garrick and I also went to the grand opening of the new Winona Historical Society. Besides a few kids that along with their parents, I think that we were the youngest by 10 years. It was still super fun to walk around the new building which is beautiful and to see the exhibits and learn a little about the history of Winona.
 The reason that we got to go is that Garrick built that window at work so he is now has 3 windows up in Winona that he built/installed (SMU, the cathedral, and historical society.)

We are going camping this week in IOWA. Stay tuned in for more fun and games!

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Missy said...

What a happy family! Cute pics, Erin! I hope you're feeling well!