Thursday, August 18, 2011

Camping in Black River Falls.

Over the weekend we decided to get out of town and go camping in BRF. The Black River flows through town AND Lake Wazee is also there which is the deepest lake in WI. We spent time swimming at the lake and then found our place to camp- the campground was a state forest campsite that was awesome- nice sites in the woods- not hot at all, huge playground for Pete to play on and lots of pinecones to pick up. The one small drawback? The quantity of mammoth sized mosquitoes that swarmed from dawn to dusk. This is one of the main reasons that I have very few pictures of us actually at the campsite- Peter didn't seem to mind them too much as long as I had him sprayed up.  Before we went camping I asked Peter what it meant to go camping, he told me that you sleep in a tent and eat outside and that those things made him happy. He was still talking about it tonight at bedtime along with those pinecones.

Enjoying a snack of cake by the fire

Reading bed time stories.

 The other thing that we did the next morning was to go canoeing on the Black River- 4 adults, 2 kids, 2 dogs in 2 canoes... it was a little bit of a circus act but Emelia liked looking around and watching the guys in their canoe and Pete loved dragging his hands in the water and playing on the sandbars and in the water.
 I liked seeing all of the clams that were in the water and seeing the paths they left behind them as they moved along with their "foot". I took videos of it to show to my kids in science this year.

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