Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vacation with Jackson

 Peter and Emi and I went on a mini-vacation with Jackson to Grandpa Dan's and Moozer's house. We did a lot of really fun things- but some of the most noteable were: riding bikes A LOT and the boys learning to BAM into eachother and into grandpa Dan.
We also went to the steamtrain in North Freedom. It is a museum and restoration place that the kids/obsessed adults can walk around and see the old boxcars, cabooses, and go for a train ride. The key to this trip was that there was an actual working steam engine there taking people on rides- we didn't go on a ride- just watched the train come in and out of the station- it was fun to see but very loud with LOTS Of smoke- both boys were a little startled by it.
 Inside the train sheds looking inside the different cars.

Proof that Emelia was in fact there and being dragged along for the first of many trips to different train activities... Wait not true- she's been here and here...

We also had a campfire, put glow in the dark bracelets on our legs and CrazyRan all over the back yard.
The boys had their first sleepover.

And we went to the beach for some fun in the water, picnic, fishing off of the dock and playing in the sand!