Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A ParBY at the fountain Park

The other morning while I was changing Peter's dipe before we went downstairs I asked him what he would like to do that day- the answer? "Have a parby!" So that's what we did- Julia (& co.) came over to play for a little bit and then we walked over to the fountain park. This is the BEST picture that I could get of 4 kids 2 and under... (Wait until the end- Gma Moozer- you WILL be changing your desktop)
Peter climbed back out on the horse-- I mean turtle to stick his hand in the spray. I say horse since he fell off of the turtle last week into the water and had to be carried home dripping wet.
The babies were total sweeties and played on the blanket together. Claire is crawling all over and Emi is starting to walk her hands out as far as she can and tips onto her knees sometimes and sometimes clunkc forward and lands on her tummy.
I took this sort of nice picture of the kiddos.

and then....

took a picture of Peter and Julia- she wasn't looking but look what a goodlooking little man I have on my hands!!!!

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