Monday, August 15, 2011

A surprise visitor!

 We got a swingset for the backyard off of craigslist. As with the mojority of the things we buy it needs a little bit of work and help- after scrubbing it with deckwash and powerwashing the old finish off of it, the structure is slowly being cut apart, rotten pieces redone and set up in the back yard- until then, we found a way to put the slide to use!
 Emi just loved watching Peter- She laughs at him day in and day out- she also has grown to love animals and giggles and dogs licking her, barking or running around!
 While garrick and my dad were driving down to LaCrosse to pick up the playset we went to the beach on the river to swim for a while and to meet the guys who would want to cool off when they got back. Across the river we saw a boat.
 Of course, the next morning we had to go down, bang on the door and see what my old friend IKE- he is 87-was up to- he was back from hanging out with his boat in Virginia and was heading up north to see some friends. Pete and Emi got to meet Harry the Parrot and his dog Belle and Ike got to hold a sweet little baby...
Nope, she was terrified of him and he was ready to hand her back. That's okay- we visited for a while- he got my phone number and promised to call the next time that he was in town. We love you Ike!

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vivida said...

HAHA, I am not sure who looks more uncomfotable:Emi or Ike ;)