Monday, August 1, 2011

Wedding Weekend!

Mike and Julie's daughter, Sarah got married this weekend- it was absolutely beautiful and a super fun party! We brought the kids with us for a while and then they got picked up and we got to have some fun of our own. Petey made it through abotu 2/3 of the ceremony when he called out for Julie- who then turned around and started to look for him... the final straw was when he told us he was a baby owl and started to hoot.

Emelia made it though with the help from her friend Sophie.
I think that we had better start to watch out for Peter becuase he worked his way around the room from pretty lady to pretty lady....
With Rachel- maid of honor 
Getting kisses from the bride!

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vivida said...

awww, looks like everyone had fun. I think you better start watching out for the boys who will be chasing after Emi's Big Baby Blues, though. :)